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How to Quote Short Term Health Insurance


So...we need a short term health plan.


We either need to cover a gap in coverage




We want to use the new Trump expansion as a work around for ACA health plans up to 364 days.


Of course, make sure you are not eligible for a tax credit on the ACA market first..


It's also good to understand the difference between ACA Obamacare plans versus short term here.


If it's still the right fit, let's look at the quoting and rates with short term.


The quote links for the main carriers are right above.


Otherwise, jump right to the topic regarding quoting and enrolling:



Let's address each of these.


Please contact us with any additional questions at 800-320-6269 or by email.

How is the short term rate calculated


The short health plan rates are based on:

  • Age
  • Zip Code
  • Plan Choice


The rate will go up as we get older.

Area also affects the plans and rates available.


It even affects the carriers available.


You can quote the major short term carriers above.

Is there an application fee for short term health


Each short term health carrier will have an application fee.


If we can honestly answer "no" to the health questions, we usually get an approval.


If you think there may be an issue with one of the health questions, check with us first.


The application fee is for the full term.


For example, if the max duration is 90 days, there is one application fee for the 90 period even though you can cancel month to month.

Is short term available in my State


Short term health plans may not be quoted in every State.

Below is a list but run the quote as we expect a lot of changes coming up with the recent changes to the law.




Is the quote shown per month


The rate shown is the monthly rate even if the max duration is 90 or 364 days.


The 90 days for example, just means that you can continue on the plan in 30 day blocks up to a total of 90 days.


The quote will still be for a 30 day block.

Is the short term rate based on the older spouse


If we're quoting two adults, the rate will take into account each person's age separately.


For example, a 50 year old will be individually quoted. A 40 year old spouse will be individually quoted.

The final quote shown above will reflect the sum of those two rates.

Is there a benefit to splitting family members of different ages


Since each member is individually quoted, there is no benefit to splitting the policies.


Plus, you would have two application fees!

Can the short term rates go up based on health


Short term plans are simplified issue.

They either approve or decline based on health.


There is only one rate for a person based on area, age, and plans selection.

What short term health carriers can I quote


Currently, we have the following short term carriers to quote:



As we get ore carriers with the recent expansion, we'll make sure to add them to this quote page.

The quote shows 90 days, is the rate per month


Whether 90 days or 364 days, the rate shown is monthly.


The 90 or 364 days is just maximum duration we continue with the plan without having to re-apply based on health.


We can always cancel month to month.

Can I quote just children for short term


Yes depending on the carrier. The standard rule is age 2 through 18 may have short term health options.

Is the rate shown the best available




The rate quoted above is absolutely the best available on the market!


Which brings up another great question...

Is there a fee for your service as short term health agents




There is absolutely NO fee for our assistance as licensed short term health agents!


That's 25+ years experience quoting short term at no cost to you.


Call 800-320-6269 or email us with ANY questions!

Which carrier is priced better


This really depends on your age, area, and the plan selected.


Keep in mind, in many States, we may only have one carrier to choose from!


Check out the State list above and feel free to run the quote above to see if it's changed.

There are lots of changes in the short term health market right now.


If you do have access to both carriers, run a quote on both with the following criteria:


  • $2M max benefit
  • $5K deductible
  • 40% of 50% coinsurance
  • $5K out of pocket


This way, we can compare apples and apples (relatively speaking).

There are lots of options available so we're happy to help you compare.


People are usually looking at short term to cover more catastrophic issues.


Both carriers now have critical illness and accidental health plans which pay you if benefits are triggered.


This can offset big deductibles and max out of pockets!

Review of short term health quotes


You want the rates!


That's why you're here.

You can quote those right above.


If you have any questions on how to read the quote or compare the plans...


That's what we're here for!


We've helped 10's of 1000's of people compare short term health plans.


How can we help you!

Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!


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