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Expanded Short Term Health  -  How do expanded Short term plans work?

How Does new Short Term Work?


How do Trump short term health plans work


We're promising a lot here


Everything you wanted to know about short term health insurance.

Especially the new expanded plans affected by Trump's executive order.


Short term coverage has recently been just that...


Up to 3 months of interim coverage.


That's about to change quite a bit with the next Trump expansion to 364 days and 3 years of renewal.


We'll cover it all.


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How to quote Trump short term health plans


Otherwise, feel free to jump right to a given section:



We'll touch on both the old rules and the new revised Trump expansion rules.


Let's jump right into it.


We have lots of other articles to wade into the weeds on specific topics but here's the best place to start.

Let's start!

What is short term health insurance


The use of short term coverage has changed over the last few years and it's about to change again.


Simply put...


Short term coverage is more catastrophic health insurance designed to cover a specific period of time.


It's gap coverage.

Interim coverage!


Basically, until something else starts up is the theory.


That's the original intent of it anyway.


Let's look at an example.


A person has a 3 month waiting period till their new employer coverage starts Aug 1st.


Their old coverage ends June 1st.

2 months of health coverage is needed.

That person can get short term for the 2 month gap.


Of course, they want to compare that option against Cobra and exchange plans but usually it's a cost and convenience issue.


Cobra can be very expensive.


Exchange plans without tax credits can be very expensive.


Short term generally is priced 50-80% less than those plans!


There are trade offs and we'll cover that in the short term versus Obamacare below.


Very important if you have health issues or pre-existing conditions!


That's the broad outline.


If you have specific questions, feel free to ask us at 800-320-6269 or by email.


There's no cost for our assistance! Zero.


Let's look a little closer at the workings of the expanded short term.

How does short term work


Let's look at more detail on how it works.


An example helps here.


Let's say Mike has a gap in coverage or is unable to enroll on exchange plans.


There's no open enrollment for short term so he can enroll right away if eligible.


There's a simple application process with some health history/status questions.


Let's say his coverage starts May 1st.


On May 15th, he tears his ACL while playing basketball.


That repair can be a $30K bill easily.




As long as the ACL tear wasn't tied to a pre-existing condition, his short term plan would pay according to the benefits selected (deductible + max out of pocket).


He might be responsible for $5K out of the $30K.


$25K that the hospital isn't chasing him down for.

No payment plans for years to repay that $25K.


That's the whole point of short term coverage.

Cover the "big What If".


It's piece of mind.


If you look at the premiums, they're not exactly free.

This means their having to pay out for lots of big issues!


Many people say "Well, I'm healthy....why bother".


It's not the day to day health stuff we're covering.


Think "Big What If".


This brings up a good question...who's a good candidate for short term?

What situations is short term good for


We'll first look at the old rules and who that works for.


The typical reasons are:

  • Waiting period for new health insurance to start
  • Gap till Open Enrollment comes around
  • Bridge coverage in between employer plans
  • Need immediate proof of coverage for sports, events, etc


That list is about to get expanded with Trump's short term health plans.


Now, we're going to see much more of this:

  • People who don't get tax credits
  • People who just want catastrophic coverage
  • People who can't afford other coverage
  • People who missed open enrollment
  • People who had coverage cancelled


This group is going to be more long-term (but technically, still short term).


We'll touch on the Trump short term expansion below.


When can a person enroll?

When can you enroll in short term


That's one of the attractive aspects of short term health plans.


You can enroll anytime during the year!


Many people either miss Obamacare Open Enrollment or don't have a Special Enrollment Trigger.

The common triggers are:


  • Loss of eligible coverage
  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Significant Move


Open Enrollment is generally Nov 1st - Jan 31st depending on your State.


Outside those two events, it can be very impossible to enroll.


Short term allows to enroll as early as midnight following online enrollment.


It usually takes a few days to process and get confirmation but the eff date will still hold if approved.


You can enroll in short term plans right here:

quote 364 day short term health insurance

How long can you have the new short term plans for?


This is where we see an expansion from Trump's executive order.


Obama instituted a 3 month limit on short term plans in 2015.


Trump expanded the allowed amount of time a person could have a short term policy to 364 days.


You can still cancel month to month either way.


You just don't need to re-enroll (and qualify) after 90 days now.


364 days is the new rule for Short term which should be available after Oct 1st at the earliest.


This is the biggest change in the new short term health expansion.


Many people will go this route if they can't afford exchange plans.

What about the penalty for not having Obamacare plans?

Is there a penalty for having new short term plans


In 2018, there is a penalty for not having ACA plans.


You're allowed 1 3-month exemption during that year.


The penalty is slated to go away in 2019.


This means that the new expanded short term health plans will not be impacted by the tax penalty in 2019 and beyond.


Get anwers to this and many other short term health questions here.

Please let us know if you have questions on this at 800-320-6269 or by email.

What does short term health plans cover


Short term plans are more catastrophic in nature.

They are really there to cover the big bills.


Here's a list of items that they will not cover:


  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Mental health
  • Pregnancy/Maternity
  • Preventative


They do not have the ACA 10 Essential Health mandate.


This is also why the can be much less expensive if you don't qualify for a tax credit based on income.


Make sure to check if you may qualify for a tax credit with your State's exchange.


The above list is just the major items.


It's important to read through the exclusions and that's mandated with the new Trump expansion.


What does this all mean?


After enrolling 10's of 1000's of people with short term health plans, we have not had one issue with a short term policy paying out when it's reasonable to expect it to.


That's one reason we only quote the legitimate carriers in the market.

There are others that are questionable and have serious limitations (per day hospital max benefit, etc).


We recommend running from those and they are not on our site!


We don't keep our reputation by doing bad by our clients.

How is short term different from Obamacare


This is a big consideration.


If you can't enroll right now (miss open enrollment or lapsed coverage), it may not be a question.


You'll need the expanded short term plans to get you to Open Enrollment.


If you are eligible to enroll in Obamacare (and can afford it), then we need to consider some important considerations.


A quick breakdown:


understand how new Trump short term is different from Obamacare ACA plan


You can also read a more comprehensive comparison of short term and Obamacare here.


Here are the people who should consider going with Obamacare:


  • People eligible for a tax credit
  • People with more serious health conditions, treatment, and pre-existing conditions
  • People who need mental health benefits
  • People expecting to get pregnant
  • People with extensive medication needs


Short term is really designed for catastrophic or major medical coverage.


What does that mean?


Essentially, it works well for acute injury or illness.


Things that land you in the hospital in or out-patient.

Broken bones. Heart attacks. ER visits.


In all candor, this is what health insurance was originally designed to address.


It wasn't till the 80's and HMO's that you started to have first dollar coverage for everything.

The ACA or Obamacare law significantly accelerated this approach.


If you get a tax credit, awesome!

If not, it's very expensive to insure this way.


The new short term expansion by Trump is really a response to this approach.


Starting in 2018, many people started to lapse their ACA health plans.


They just can't afford it.

The new expanded short term plans are a back up plan for those people.


It's essentially our new non-ACA health insurance market.


If you have questions on short term versus Obamacare, please contact us at 800-320-6269 or by email.

There's no cost for our assistance either way!

When can you cancel short term health coverage


Short term plans (old or new Trump expansion) can be cancelled in 30 day blocks.


Month to month essentially.


You just need to notify the carrier that you want to cancel prior to the next term starting.


For example, if your policy starts June 1st and you need it till Sept 1st (3 months), notify the carrier during August that you want it to end following that term.


We can cancel every 30 days.

We just want to submit it prior to next 30 day block.

How did Trump change Short term health plans


There are three major changes from the Trump short term plan expansion:


  • Blocks of coverage up to 364 days
  • Notification requirements on differences with ACA plans
  • Carriers can offer renewal up to 3 years


We've written an entire article on the Trump short term health expansion here but let's look at each of these a bit.


Blocks of coverage up to 364 days


This rule expanded the Obama limit of 90 days (3 months of 30 days).


It's effective Oct 1st but the carriers have to get plans approved with the States first.


You can still cancel month to month in 30 day blocks.

Notification requirements on differences with ACA plans


The carriers must sufficiently notify people of the differences between ACA plans and the new short term plans.


This is important as short term is not a good fit for everyone.


It does address catastrophic coverage for many people who can't afford ACA or who are not able to enroll at a given time

Carriers can offer renewal up to 3 years


A person can enroll in an initial block of 364 days and the carrier may allow them to renew for up to 3 years.


These annual renewals will likely be medically underwritten although it's simplified issue.

This means that a simple list of health history/status questions usually suffices.


You can see the online application and health questions through the quote portal here:

Quote 3 years of short term health insurance


Those are the major changes.


We're happy to help with any questions!

Are the new short term plans available everywhere


It depends on the State.


Many carriers pulled out of the short term market when Obama capped the duration in 2015.

Many carriers may come back on board with Trump's expansion.

short term health plans by State

You can quote the major carriers below.

Not every carrier will be available in every State.


For example, as of writing this, California only has IHC (partnered with Anthem Blue Cross).


Again, we expect more carriers in more States since the short term expansion will likely act like a non-ACA marketplace due to the longer durations.

How do you quote the new short term plans


Quoting is fast, easy, free, and online!


You can quote the main short term plans here


As we get more carriers, we'll add them to the quote page.


Our focus is to make sure we quote real short term health carriers.


We want to avoid the daily hospital caps and other issues we see in less-reputable carriers.


If you have questions on the plans or rates, please reach out to us at 800-320-6269 or by email.


There's no cost for our assistance!

How do you apply for short term


Enrolling is even easier.


You can enroll right through quote here:

quote Trump 3 year short term health insurance


There a series of simple health questions.

It generally takes 5 minutes.


If you can honestly answer "no" to the health questions, we're generally approved within 48 hours.

The effective date can be as early as midnight following online enrollment.

We're here to help with any questions!

Review of How Short Term Health Plans Work


We've covered a lot!


The new expansion to short term health plans will be very popular.


They address both:


  • Short term gap needs
  • Longer term affordability needs


There are important differences with ACA or Obamacare plans that people need to understand.


We're happy to address all these issues.

There's no cost for our assistance at 800-320-6269 or by email.


How can we help!


Quote the new Expanded 364 Day Short Term Health Plans here


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!



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