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UnitedHealthOne Short Term Health Insurance Review

UnitedHealthOne short term health insurance review


Many people know United Health through their employer plans.


Millions of people in fact.


They also happen to very strong in the short term health market.


They offer their UnitedHealthOne suite of plans.


The most popular being the short term plans.


We're lucky to have such a solid companies when most carriers left the short term market after 2014 and 2015 (we'll explain below).


If you want jump right to the quote for UnitedHealthOne short term:


How to quote Trump short term health plans


Otherwise, feel free to jump any given section in our UnitedHealthOne review:



Lots to cover.

Let's get started with the basics first.

Quick intro to UnitedHealthOne carrier


UnitedHealthOne is offered by United Health through its Golden Rule carrier.


United Health is one of the top 2 largest and most admired health insurance companies in the US.


If not the first!


They are very strong in the Employer health market.


They have always had a presence in the individual/family market but have scaled that back since 2014 with the ACA law.


Currently, they are one of the two main carriers to offer legitimate short term health insurance through UnitedHealthOne.


UnitedHealthOne deals with all their ancillary insurance products such as:


  • Short term health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Critical Illness


Short term is their most popular.


UnitedHealthOne has been in business since 1974.


  • Golden Rule (the underwriting company) has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • UnitedHealth, the parent company, has an A+ with Standard and Poors and an A with AMBest.


They come from solid stock!

Let's look at the UnitedHealthOne short term plans in more detail.


The UnitedHealthOne short term plans


The UnitedHealthOne short term plans offer a range of options to choose from.


Here are the core determining factors:


  • Term max benefit
  • Deductible
  • Co-insurance amount
  • Out of pocket limit


Let's look at each item separately.

You can view the brochure through the quote below.


Term Max Benefit


You have a choice of maximum benefit per term and per person:

  • $250,000
  • $600,000
  • $2,000,000



You have a choice of deductible:

  • $1000
  • $2500
  • $5000
  • $10000
  • $12500


The deductible is per person and per term of coverage.

They also allow you to add on accidental health policies to match the deductibles.

These plans have an additional charge but will pay you if a qualifying accident occurs during the term.


Co-insurance amount


Co-insurance is the percentage you will pay between the deductible and out of pocket max.


It ranges from:

  • 0%
  • 20%
  • 40%

Out of pocket limit


This is your protection in case you have big bills.

  • 0
  • $2,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000


The maximum is in addition to the deductible and does not include copays if covered.


So, essentially we add the deductible and max out of pocket for big bills.


Again, you can see all the current options through the quote here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


There's no cost for our assistance at 800-320-6269 or email us.

The UnitedHealthOne short term doctor networks


One of the strengths of UnitedHealthOne is their doctor network.

It's huge!!


They have 1 million providers and 6000 hospitals nationwide!


The UnitedHealthOne plan works like an EPO.

This means you have to stay in the network to get benefits.


This is easy to with such a large, nationwide network.


The network is called the UnitedHealthCare Choice option.

You also get the negotiated rates when in-network.


That's usually a savings of 30-60%.


Again, run your UnitedHealthOne short term quote.


Let us know if any questions come up.

Let's look at UnitedHealthOne in regards to the new Trump expansion of the marketplace.

Why UnitedHealthOne might embrace the new short term expansion


A quick history lesson.


We promise!


We had 364 days of short term health available prior to 2015.


Obama restricted the duration to 90 days.


You can learn more about the expansion of Trump's short term here.


Most carriers are reluctant to offer short term at the expense of the ACA marketplace.


It will pull healthy people from the pool and the rates will go up higher than they already are!


United doesn't have this issue!


They pulled out of most of the ACA markets already.


Their departure from California in 2017 was a big tell.


Here's the rub...


The new Trump expanded short term health plans will probably function as a work-around for the ACA plans.


There's no penalty in 2019.


That means many people who don't qualify for a tax credit will gravitate towards the short term on an annual basis.


This could be millions of people.

Keep in mind that the ACA law expanded health insurance to millions of new people.


Millions of other people remained uninsured or dropped coverage.


THAT's the group who might look at short term for catastrophic coverage.


UnitedHealthOne doesn't have the reservations the other companies might since they're not vested in the ACA (Obamacare) marketplace.

UnitedHealth is very innovative and shrewd.


If there's a market there, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go after it aggressively!


We'll keep you posted.

Comparing UnitedHealthOne and IHC (partnered with BCBS)


There are two main carriers on the short term health market now that offer actual insurance.

Insurance without the severe daily caps we see elsewhere.


That's UnitedHealthOne and IHC (partnered with BCBS).


How do we compare them?


First, let's rule out some similarities:


  • Networks are expansive and nationwide
  • Carriers are strong and stable
  • Offer up to 90 days of coverage
  • Can cancel in 30 day blocks
  • More catastrophic coverage in nature

Make sure to look at differences between short term plans and Obamacare here. are they different.


  • First, IHC's network is a PPO.
  • UnitedHealthOne is an EPO.


PPO is better than EPO but that really comes into play if the networks are smaller.

Both have extensive networks.


In a true emergency (be conservative), they'll take you where ever to get you patched up.


Plan design is one are they are different.


But not by much.


United offers a range of different options on how to structure the plans.


  • The IHC plans are simpler in design.
  • Fewer variables to mix and match.


You can get much richer coverage with UnitedHealthOne but most people are trying to go the other way.


In the end, since the plans are so similar, check out the quote for both.


You can access the short term quote for IHC and UnitedHealthOne here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


We're happy to help with the comparison.


Keep in mind that in many States, we'll only have one of these options.


For example, California only has IHC as of this writing.


UnitedHealthOne short term reviews


The same issue that plagues other health insurance companies also affects UnitedHealthOne.


The reviews are exceedingly bad online.


That being said, I haven't seen any health carrier with good reviews.


People don't exactly like health carriers.

And there's could be some good reasons for that.

They're not the easiest to deal with.


In our dealings with UnitedHealthOne, we haven't had a single issue and we write short term policies all day long.


As licensed short term health agents, there's no cost our assistance. ZERO!


They have a 3.7 rating out of 5 with the Better Business Bureau which is relatively high for health insurance companies.


Again, take advantage of our free assistance to address issues.

The main take away is this...

We're very confident in UnitedHealthOne's ability to pay reasonable claims as laid out in their brochure.


Where is UnitedHealthOne available


UnitedHealthOne is available in the following States:

short term health plans by State


We expect other States to be added with the Trump short term expansion (probably around 2019).


You can quote these UnitedHealthOne States here.

Otherwise, check out IHC short term plans here.


How to quote UnitedHealthOne short term


This is easy.

Everything is online.


You can access the rates and plan options for UnitedHealthOne short term here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


We're happy to help with the plan selection.


Focus on max benefit level, deductible, and out of pocket max.


Those are the key drivers of cost and benefit!

We're happy to help at 800-320-6269 or by email.


How to apply for UnitedHealthOne short term


Applying for UnitedHealthOne short term is even easier.


You can access the online app right the quote link above.


We can generally get midnight following online enrollment at the earliest.


Check out or page on tips and guide for short term enrollment here.

UnitedHealthOne and Golden Rule short term review


UnitedHealthOne is poised to really grow quickly with the Trump short term expansion.


They are already in many major markets.

That's likely to grow since they have pulled out of many of the ACA marketplaces.


  • They are a strong competitor to compare against IHC.
  • The parent company's strength is well know in the market.
  • The plan design offers many different options.
  • The network is nationwide and expansion.


All things working for UnitedHealthOne with the coming changes.

We're happy to help with any questions on their short term options.


Quote the new Expanded 364 Day Short Term Health Plans with UnitedHealthOne here


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!



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